Saturday, March 23, 2013

So It's NOT Just Me

I've commented before that if I went 24x7 I'd never get to work.  I'd be trying to figure out the perfect outfit every single day, and I'd keep changing until I decided on that skirt and top... the mid-length skirt and v-neck sweater.  No, the matching blouse.  No, I think a dress would be good today.  Wait... there's the staff meeting today.  The blue suit is what I want.  No, the pink suit.  No, the pink sleeveless dress and jacket.  Yes, the pink and the black patent pumps.  No, the black boots.  No, the grey boots. I think I should just go with the mid-length skirt and v-neck sweater.  No....


  1. That's basically why I threw out transition as a possibility: I don't want to think about getting ready for work. S-S-S, Jeans, a sweater or polo, dial up some prog rock, out the door, gone. I love wearing makeup, but I don't want that half hour ritual pre-work, and when I had my own long hair, curling and styling it took even more time. I don't work with anyone I particularly want to look pretty for.

  2. I think we can all relate to that one

  3. I guess some GGs have this problem. As a TG I want to look good for the limited opportunities I have to dress en femme. But if I was 24/7 I think I would have a regular rotation of work outfits and a more basic makeup routine.

  4. Meg -

    I think Sharon says it best.... The average woman would have a rotation of work outfits for each season, with elements from the closet being themselves being rotated based on the season. And her makeup routine (if any - remember, GGs are born with feminine faces), would likely take up much less time and effort than ours.

    One comment I've seen on several blogs from the TGCD community is the size of our makeup boxes tends to be large because of our greater needs for makeup. I'm not sure if that needs to be the case. It all depends on what we try to do with makeup. If we are preparing to be the belles of the ball (such as a formal banquet, where we're dressed to the nines), we may need a little more makeup than usual. But our everyday needs may be as simple as beard cover, base foundation, concealer, blush, lipstick (w. lipliner and gloss), eye shadow, mascara and eyeliner. This need not take much space.

    As for myself, I have a tackle box worth of makeup - but I generally use what fits into a small makeup bag. This includes: beard cover, foundation, concealer, blush, lipstick & liner, and maybe minimal stuff for the eyes. And these items are what I bring with me on trips.

    So back to you.... You would get to work. And you would be making decisions the same way a GG does - and fretting, like a GG, that you didn't dress correctly. You'd be a little frustrated (as a woman) by having to think more about getting dressed than the average male - but you wouldn't switch for the conveniences.

    And that last phrase says it all for most of us - none of us would trade off the pleasures (and inconveniences) of being a female in this world for many of the things available to men - except for things like career and family. And even then, those issues only postpone our decisions a little....


  5. While my girly wardrobe is still small, I could certainly "resemble" that if I had enough choices in front of me!


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