Friday, November 28, 2014

Casual Outing

On Tuesday, I mentioned that, after the TDoR, I spoke to a clergy member from a local synagogue.  I told her about the "transgender 101" session that was given to middle school students at my synagogue.  She expressed interest in doing a similar session for her students and was curious to know about the format and such.

I told her I'd get her what information I had.  I know I had a handout which I kept for a possible post (or discussion with my boys) but it disappeared.  I wrote to the instructor and asked if I could pass on his contact information.  I told him about my encounter and said it was "after the TDoR service at the UU church."

So now he knows one of three things about me: (a) I'm transgendered; (b) one of my children or another close family member is transgendered; or (c) I'm an empathetic civilian.

(c) is the least likeliest.  He might think it's (b) but I have sent an e-mail to the woman from the other synagogue with his contact information.

Their exchange will proceed something like:

"Hi.  Meg gave me your contact information.  I'd like to discuss blah blah blah."

"Hi.  I don't know 'Meg' but {male name} contacted me about that.  Is that who you mean?"

Thus removing all doubt.

A casual outing.


  1. Well well! when I read your title I thought you had gone out wearing jeans

  2. The head of IFGE, Denise LeClaire, lives in the DC metro area. She has probably done thousands of T101s for political orgs, politicians, corporations, etc. Would you like me to get you two connected?

  3. Meg,
    If you trust him enough to allow the casual outing, then why not out yourself to him directly. Since he's teaching the class he's also one of the three options, and will probably keep it as quiet as you ask him to.

  4. Meg -

    And the more of us that are out to people we know (loosely), the safer we all will be....


  5. That may well out you to the instructor, but I'd like to point out that a competent and ethical instructor of Trans 101 would never give your male name to someone who, as far as they know, only knows you as Meg - so the second part of the exchange is unlikely to be voiced out loud.

    1. Liz: it may be unintentional. One person knows Meg, one does not and does not KNOW I'm trans. We'll see, but I don't care. It still qualfies as "outing," not "being outed."

      Others: I sent a couple of off-blog replies. :)


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