Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Halloween at the Apartment

Mandy was in town but I wanted to be home for any little goblins that might show up.  Since I was able to get out of work early, Meg was able to answer the door.

I changed into "Minimal Meg," as I described yesterday.  I've been wanting to do this, to see if I'm passable with minimal makeup.  Well, at least as passable as usual.

I did my close shave.  I considered only lipstick and gloss over my toner and moisturiser but instead went with powder and blush as well.  I also added mascara because, well, I like mascara.  But I skipped my cover and primer and foundation, and my other eye makeup.  I should have done something about my brows, but they were covered by my bangs and I wasn't planning on going anywhere (at that time; I had hopes of getting out later).

I put on a red Renaissance dress, black tights, black open heels, and my new bodice.  It wasn't easy to
16th century (minimal) Meg
put it on by myself, but I think I did a credible job.  It does crush "the ladies," as the saleswoman called them (that story is in the queue), so I changed to more solid breastforms instead of the liquid-filled bags I normally used.  I was afraid the pressure would ruin them.

I added earrings that looked antiquish, and a bead necklace and bracelet along with a couple of rings.  And my hair flowery thing.

Charity was expecting nail polish and kids were NOT appearing so I went downstairs to get the mail and see if a package arrived.  That's when I made a mistake I'm still kicking myself over.

I know a lot of people join in on a private conversation unbidden, but I always found that kind of rude so I do it sparingly, or veryconsciously.

One of the women who works in the office was standing by the mailboxes and talking to a male tenant when I came down.  I heard him say "it's Halloween" and she said "I have the most awesome costume.  I'm going as myself."

I ignored them.  I could have responded to the first statement "really?  I'll have to put on a costume."  Better would have been to respond to the second statement with "yeah, I'm just going to be myself for Halloween."

Funny, unexpected, and true on several levels.  It might even have started a conversation about the outfit.

But I didn't say anything.  I checked my mailbox (no mail yet so I had to go down later) and went back upstairs.

I expected to go into the office and ask for my package to see if the woman in there asks me which apartment I'm in.  I would have said something along the lines of "oh, come on.  You know by now" but there was no slip in the mailbox.

I missed opportunities but I'm sure Thalia had a reason.


  1. Sorry our meet-up didn't work out....but you sure look nice in that outfit!


  2. Cute costume Meg!

    But let me tell you that your hair, and how you did your makeup, OH YES! Your face looks so lovely, soft, and natural.


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