Monday, November 10, 2014

Part VII: Fast Forward

Over the past two years, I've dated a bit.  There's not been anything gamechanging, but I've been looking at work mostly, since that's where I spend a lot of my time.  Things like game days are not good for dating: Meg goes, and that means either being very in-your-face about my identity, or dating guys.  The first would make game day about me, not the games which is not a good thing.  The other option certainly didn't appeal to me.  Although there was one guy in particular who really seemed to like Meg... kidding.

Again, dating has been casual.  It's not like I've done anything desperate, like joined a bunch of dating sites.  Side note: I considered joining one as "crossdresser Meg, looking for women," but more for research (what kind of responses will I get?) but that's not fair to the people who answer.

It's been close to two years.  Sometimes it feels like a 23 month date with Charity.

Life is weird.

All people started with that single ancient ancestor.  Then we split up and evolve and there are now seven billion distinct people on the planet.

And with amazing regularity, the universe works Just Right and two of those people get back together to form a single unit.

That depends not only on the right genetic and natural "accidents" happening to you: a completely different set have to happen to someone else.

Everything I wrote about over the past couple of weeks is the culmination of all of the millions of years of events that got us all where we are now.

The defining incidents (marital therapy, Penny's death) not only had to happen, they had to happen when they happened for us to be here together today.

As I wrote, in the fall of 2011 I was unhappy, unhappy enough to realise that sad had become my normal state.  And I'm not introspective by nature.

Now I'm happy.

I'm ready to make this the new status quo.  Charity?  I love you.  If you're reading, we should talk.


  1. Life is weird and wonderful too sometimes Meg! Thank you for this series. And now we are all waiting...

  2. Awwww...that's so sweet! And you're both such nice people... Go for it!


  3. Meg,

    you and Charity are a beautiful couple. I wish both of you the all the best.


  4. Finally!

    Meg. Are you the only one who hasn't been reading the handwriting on the wall?

    Fingers crossed for you both.


  5. Meg
    Thank you for sharing. Perhaps it was a bit of 'mama Karma' perhaps a bit of the muses behaving as muses are want to do but you are a good person and Charity is as good as her name connotes so I am always pleased when good things happen to good people.
    Mazel tov.

  6. Meg -

    Having seen Charity with you in both your modes, I know you get along well. Hopefully, things will keep going well for the two of you, and get even better with time.


  7. My first thought as I was reading was, "Well, you _could_ post "crossdresser Meg..." ending with I'm just looking to see what kind of responses I'll get."

    But then I say the later part, which said "Charity? I love you. If you're reading, we should talk."

    Meg.... WTF? You've been doing casual dating, but you're in love with Charity? I'm okay with open relationships (and am in one) but that's not what I'm reading into your message. What I'm seeing is that you're in love with her, and you've never told her that.

    You know yourself reasonably well at this point, and you probably know her pretty well too. Perhaps you'd like to just get it out in the open and tell her, instead of hoping that she'll see it here in a blog post.

    If on the other hand, you're afraid that she wouldn't take it well, then ask yourself why that is. Is she not ready for a relationship?



    1. Christine,

      It's complicated. It's all shaking out in a good way. Stay tuned.


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