Monday, November 17, 2014

Minimal Meg

(Thursday is the Transgender Day of Remembrance.  Consider finding an event near you and attending.  You'll be welcome in any mode you wish to present.)
A couple of weeks ago, I posted a picture and I captioned it "Minimal Meg."

It takes me roughly two hours to get ready.  The first half-hour or more is spent shaving.  Then prepping my face, followed by makeup, and finally getting dressed.

To recap (mostly in order):

shave VERY close, ensure all skin that might possibly show is clean.
facial toner
"Minimal Meg"
makeup primer
cover stick
eye shadow(s)
eye liner
lip liner
lip gloss
bra and breast forms
undies and hose as appropriate
cinch if needed
dress or equivalent

I've often thought that the bold items above could be considered optional, especially when I'm wearing glasses.  My skin isn't terrible and the glasses take some focus away from my eye makeup.

I had an opportunity to do this on Halloween: I expected some trick-or-treaters but I wasn't planning on leaving the apartment building.  If I was noticed, I'd be in costume and that, I'm sure, would be OK if I was just partly made up.

So that's what I did.  Although I did add mascara because I like to apply it and wear it.


  1. Minimal Meg looks great!

    I think I'm in the 2 hour camp too :-)

  2. That look works for you. I'm also prone to the 2 hour prep, but mainly because I really like makeup and like to tinker and try new things. When I want to, I can throw adequate coverage for a casual day out together in 15 minutes. Doing the neck-down prep in advance helps a lot (I maintain it pretty much daily) If I know at the beginning of the day that I may go out at some point in the day (and can have things prepped/laid out), I can be Anne out the door in 45 minutes.


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