Monday, November 3, 2014

Timeline II, Part III: Charity, Meet Meg

In January, I had to take another of my regular trips to Sierra Vista, AZ.  Since I had to fly into/out of Tucson, I normally spent a Meg day there before coming home: I'd drive to Tucson after work on Friday and get an early flight back on Sunday.  This Friday, I escaped from SV as early as I could and I changed and went to a synagogue after work.

Charity wanted to "spread her wings" a bit, and I'll flatter myself by suggesting she'd want to see me again and maybe meet Meg. 

She flew to Tucson (this was her first time flying solo and only her second time flying), booked herself a room in my hotel, and visited.  As soon as services were done, we met (she and Meg met) and went out to dinner.

We had a good time as she hung with mostly Meg.  We went to dinner, saw the Sonora Desert Museum together (with Liz), got together with some other friends, did some mall shopping....

We both had the same first leg of the return flight, into Texas.  From there, she got on a flight to Memphis and I headed back to Dulles (in drab, alas).

Charity was one of the few person who knew Meg first, met my drab self, then met Meg.  She helped me see that knowing "both of me" wasn't a bad or scary thing.

It was a pleasant bit-over-a-day, and I had a really nice time, although I think we both started the visit in a state of terror.


  1. Sometimes it takes a new person in our life to help us get over the disassociation between our "male" and female selves. It sounds like Charity came into your life at just the right time. I know that Meg is really one person, it's just that sometimes she has to put on a very male costume to get by in her working world. I hope that one day Meg can be herself all the time. Oh, and I'd love to have dinner with you again.


  2. Alana,

    I was at the 4P Saturday night, dressed for a change!

    1. I'd love to join you and Charity there, all girls night ;)

    2. There were three of us, enjoying a quiet dinner amidst costumes. I was going to tell our waitress (a ghost) that I was going to wear a costume but could not think of anything, just to see what she'd say.


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