Friday, November 7, 2014

Part VI: You're Always Welcome at Our House

I moved to the (two bedroom!) apartment and Charity joined me a month later.

I would have liked some more time to myself, time to discover myself, but the universe has its own schedule.

Charity, as I said, wanted to be out of Memphis within a year of her husband's death; that anniversary was quickly approaching.

I had counted on a roommate to split the (outrageous) rent.

I had had no luck finding another roommate.

We had a lot in common.

She liked Meg.

In the end, the pros easily outweighed the cons.

The living arrangements were a bit odd, but they worked.  For instance, the master bedroom had a large walk-in closet; the other bedroom had a smaller closet.  So I put my drab clothes in the second bedroom closet and the master bedroom closet became the "girls' closet."

I had two dressers; she brought a lot of storage (and baggage, I suppose) but the thing that worked best was, she took a dresser in the master bedroom and the guest bedroom became storage for mostly other stuff.

Since I commandeered some of the guest bedroom with bookshelves (which we share) I felt it was only fair to turn over part of the master bedroom to her.

She had little trouble finding a job, and her job is about the same distance from the apartment as mine is, which is cool.

We did some things together, some things alone.  She has her hobbies; I have mine.  There is quite a bit of overlap though.  She helps Meg with makeup and fashion, and lord knows she need help.  Charity likes to cook; I like to eat.  We have some very different experiences and so we each learn from the other, which is cool as well.


My day is brighter when I hear from my friends!