Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dual Humour

During Fringe, I saw Elizabeth McCain's excellent one woman's show.  I wrote about it here.  She told her story with grace and humour.  It was about her life, growing up lesbian in the deep south.  I noticed the audience laughed at her situations in groups: southerners, gays, and civilians (in this context, that includes me) would laugh at different parts.

I have also noticed you can get laughs from different groups with the same joke.

Are you familiar with a mermaid's purse?  I've found these mysterious objects washed up on shore
"mermaid's purse"
many times before I found out both their common name and what they are: egg cases for some sharks.  I sometimes pick up items from the beach and I have one somewhere.  Hey, in the pre-interwebs days it wasn't so easy.  I think I found in the LaRousse encyclopedia of animals.

I described this to a civilian friend and said "I kept it because it goes well with a couple of my dresses" which got a laugh because, hey, why would I possibly have dresses?

I described this to a t-friend and said the same line and got a laugh because, well, it's way too small to be a useful purse.

I need to find more ways to do a double-joke. 

Hopefully, a better one than that one. :)

I am a bit backlogged right now.  Halloween has come and gone, and, before that, I had a fun day at the Renaissance Festival.  But the last few weeks of writing has taken a lot out of me, and I'm going to take a couple of days off.  Saturday and Sunday I think I will see what "relationship" cartoons I have and I'll be writing more next week.

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  1. Way too small to be a useful purse? What's that got to do with anything? ;)




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