Friday, November 1, 2013

Sunday Games: Fair-weather Meg

After I got home Saturday, my lower back was hurting me.  I suspect it was the cinch, but I'm not sure.  The top of my left foot ached as well; it might be because I hadn't worn heels in a while.  My left shoulder has been hurting and popping for a few weeks now; I suspect yanking on quite substantial doors at work helped that particular problem to form.  My eyes hurt and were bloodshot from extended contact time.

I guess I'm getting old.

Sunday was game day, starting at noon, and my plan was to get dressed (maybe the same outfit as Saturday, or close variation) and stay until about five.  At that time, I'd head home and change and remove my nail polish so I could pick up my son at 7.

But I also had:
* a client I wanted to visit in the morning, which would constrict my getting-ready time (also there were those nails).  I could visit in the evening, so that wasn't major.

* that lower-back pain.  It seemed worse; I tried a heating pad, which didn't make a difference.

* the achy foot.

My eyes had recovered nicely by the morning.

I used to ride a (small Suzuki) motorcycle, but I was a "fair-weather rider."  If there was a threat of rain or worse, the bike stayed home and I drove.  I would rather ride than drive, but I'd rather be comfortable as well.  Of course I got caught sometimes, and I missed some good riding days, but I would rather be a dry driver than a wet (or very cold or very hot) rider.

I'm also a fair-weather girl.  I prefer to skip really hot or really wet or really cold days, but I can adjust to them and decide where the comfort level (as opposed to comfort zone) is. 

That philosophy kicked in Sunday morning.

The choice was possibly exacerbating the various aches and pains on one hand, and staying at the games later, seeing the client in the morning, and having (nearly) as much fun in drab as dressed.  So I skipped dressing this time.

It's very nice to know that I can drop by dressed either way and be welcome by Star and her friends.

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  1. Meg -

    You have good friends, when you can see them in either mode....



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