Friday, November 15, 2013

Before the Soiree

I was ready a bit early and I had a shopping mission.  Unfortunately, it didn't involve any try-on opportunities.  I needed computer memory for a client so I stopped at the local computer store.  I was mildly concerned about this stop.

They know me.

I shop there a lot.  On more than one occasion, cashiers have called over managers who wanted to thank me for being a regular.  Salespeople say hello, and we chat.

I have also seen co-workers and friends there at different times.

I wondered if I'd see anyone I knew, to see if I'd be recognised (I wasn't confident I would not be).  I wasn't so tested though.

I did see some employees I knew; one pulled the memory I was looking for and simply asked if I needed anything else.  I smiled and said "no."

I considered paying in cash, just because I know they pull up my name and address when I use a card, but I try to keep business expenses separate so my bookkeeping is simpler.

There were no problems with the woman at the checkout.  I put the memory in my car and headed towards the soiree.

I forget more these days....  In the past, I never would have left the store without getting a Meg pic.  I
from my new friend Josie.
forgot.  You'd think, as long as I was buying memory....  Ah well.

And, yes, I was way overdressed for Microcenter.


  1. Going out to buy computer memory while lacking the human memory to take a picture ranks high on the "O'Henry Irony Scale".

    Going to a regular shopping haunt where you are well known and paying with your regular credid card ranks very high on the "That babe's go balls" scale.

    I would place your visit to the store while dressed as a major Meg milestone. I can, however, easily understand how no one would confuse the attractive lady in the gray, glack and orange dress, hose and heels with your guy self.


  2. Wonderful story! You can't be overdressed for a place people go into on thier way to or from somewhere else.

  3. Meg -

    For all they could know, you had just left work....

    But you noted that in the past, you'd have gotten pictures of you in Meg Mode. What has changed is that Meg Mode has now become part of your new normal. You don't need to document every step you take as Meg anymore.

    Like you, I have gone to places in Marian Mode that I've often shopped in boy mode - and no one has paid it much mind. Part of the reason is that the face I wear in boy mode and the face I wear in girl mode is different enough (especially when wearing glasses) that casual observers wouldn't take a second glance due to facial recognition....

    The big question is - in Meg Mode, have you stumbled into people who know you in boy mode? And if so, did they recognize you?



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