Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Aaannnnd Again

Friday was game night, at a new location.  I pushed up my workweek because there was a lawyer meeting scheduled for Friday at 1.  I expected to be out of there by 3, home by 3:30, and I'd have time to eat and start getting dressed by 5.  Games start at 7:30.

Plenty of time.  Even if the meeting ran until 4, I could skip dinner and still get ready with time to spare.

The meeting lasted until around 6:30.  NO game night.

I'll skip the post-Turkey day games, although they're having a "girls game night" and I'm tempted.  But I'm also conflicted.  I think I'd have to talk to the hostess first.

I'll get to a game night soon though.


  1. Searching for opportunities for Pat to get out and about is something that is always bouncing around in the back of my mind but when it comes time to pull the trigger and actually get out the door it seems that something pops up and prevents a dressing session or an outing.
    Even the best laid plans seem subject to late in the day aborting. While actually getting dressed and getting out is a nice goal it is also nice to plan and aspire.

  2. You are running out of game nights
    You only have so many left
    Once they are gone
    You will never get them back, or get anymore


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