Monday, November 25, 2013

Major Meg Weekend

Last weekend was scheduled as a multi-Meg weekend.

I took off Friday because I had used my hours for the week and the company doesn't approve of working over 40 hours per week when on contract.  Weird, I know, but that's the rule.

This also meant I could sleep a little late and be awake and alert for (civilian) game night Friday night.  I considered going out (window) shopping before the games, since they started late that week.  There was a political event right before the games, and I considered that as well, but I was wavering because quite a few people there know me (including elected officials).  I didn't think I was ready for that.

Saturday was a clothing swap in the afternoon and a transdinner that evening.

That meant three, maybe four events over two days.

I've written about planning before.

Here's how it actually played out:

I had homework from a long meeting with lawyers earlier in the week.  I planned to use Friday to do that homework, and by the time I noticed the time both the political event (hard decision made moot) and game night were off the schedule, at least as Meg events.

However, I had finished my work, and I still had Saturday.

Saturday, my son called ~ he needed to be picked up from his volunteer job "around 3."  That would make it difficult to get to the swap, but when my kids call, I respond.  I do my best, anyway.

Then a client called.  The client was a couple of blocks from where I needed to pick up my son so I agreed to drop by around 3, since by that time my son had decided pick up at 4 would be better.

I'd still have time for dinner.  This was going to work out well.

Then a client called.  He was a couple of blocks from my house so I could see him after I dropped off my son.

As I was driving to the first client, my oldest son called and said he'd like to pick up his brother and bring him home.  OK, that was a bit disappointing but they wanted to spend time together so I was willing to step aside.

My client ran late, the second client went smoothly, but by the time I got home it was later than I wanted so I skipped the dinner and figured I'd at least go to the Transgender Day of Remembrance service on Wednesday and I signed up for game night next Friday.

It's all good.


  1. So much for the plans...a very familiar situation! Better luck next time!


  2. Your priorities are in the right place. Happy Chanukah to you and yours.


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