Thursday, November 14, 2013

Soiree! Getting Ready

Christine held her first soiree since the spring Saturday night.  I was more than ready to meet with the ladies again.

I pulled out a dress I hadn't worn before, plus black hose, and black pumps. 

Stana made me think.  She mentioned that she didn't understand the black booties because the idea was to have an unbroken line from the thigh to the toes, to make your legs look longer.  I saw something similar in a fashion magazine ~ they were talking about how "nude" shoes caused that very effect, and how they were starting to come in a variety of nude shades, for different skin shades.

I noticed, now that summer is over, black hose and tights are back.  I suspect black stockings + black shoes = the illusion of longer legs.

(Bea Benaderet played Blanche Morton, who lived next door to George Burns and Gracie Allen in their tv show from the 50s.  In one episode, Gracie commented on how long another woman's legs were.  Bea attributed it to her short skirt.  She said "Short skirts make a woman's legs look longer.  They make men look longer too.")

The dress has a large round gold clip on it so I went with large hoopy jewelry: earrings and necklace.  I have a little gold bracelet I rarely wear which got an airing that night.

Charity did my nails and my eyes matched the gold glittery polish.

I considered a before and after event while I was getting dressed.  I mean, as long as I'm dressed anyway....

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  1. I like the dress. It is an interesting mix of stripes. The black hose and heels are the perfect bottom to add to that dress.
    As the weather cools I am noticing more women than in years past have been wearing hose. I take that as a good sign.


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