Tuesday, November 19, 2013

After the Soiree

As I said, I didn't stop to eat at the soiree.  I needed a snack.

I wanted to go to my "regular" diner, where I seem to get the same waiter each time (and, not surprisingly, he remembers Meg) but they close about the time I'd get there so I headed to the other local diner.

It was pretty crowded, and for perhaps the first time I was a bit apprehensive, and it wasn't because of

Still at the soiree.  No diner photos, alas.
a new experience.
As I walked in, I thought about my paper model convention experience and decided that I had had a good idea ~ use the ladies' room as soon as I arrived (if needed) in case someone later decides I don't belong there.  This hasn't happened, but I like to think ahead and I like to think I'm adequately cautious.

I hadn't used the restroom since leaving home, and that was a glass of wine ago.  I was considering coffee and also considering that I should have gone before I left Christine's house.  I thought going as soon as I came in would have been the best course of action.

I didn't.

I sat at a booth and was facing a group across the aisle.  The person on the aisle was a serious (not angry, just serious) looking 20-something bearded guy.  He glanced at me a couple of times.  I didn't see anything menacing.  He was neither glaring nor glowering.  He was talking with his companions.  But something in the back of my mind suggested he might take exception to crossdressing, and getting up to use the ladies' room might cause upset or a confrontation, neither of which I want.

I'll repeat: everything was my perception.  He did nothing to justify that perception, except based on "biker" stereotype.  I'll also mention that he reminded me of a friend from New York, a guy named Barry who also had the biker look and beard.  And Barry was one of the best-natured guys I've ever met in my life.  So I don't know where it came from.

So I had my coffee and hurried home, and resolved to plan better next time.


  1. Meg,
    I am glad that you had a good time at the soiree and that you had a pleasant and affirming experience at the diner.
    As you age you will find the wisdom of not buying green bananas, post dating your checks or ever passing up a place to go to the bathroom.

    1. "Never pass up using a safe bathroom, regardless..." My theory as well, Pat!

  2. Meria (er, Meg)

    I, too, have passed up bathroom opportunities often because of what is between my ears, not because of any actual threat or possible threat to my safety --- just the CD paranoia that persists for years, even after having been out and about for some time.

    I'm curious whether your secondary diner is the B&E diner near Ft. Myer on Col. Pike. I've often wondered whether it would be friendly to we gals. If not there, then I suspect it is the Silver D in Clarendon. I've been there once, long ago when I was first venturing out and sure that every eye on the planet was on me. HA! I should be so lucky.

    Please PM me if I'm right on either count. Sorry to have missed the soiree. Home situation is horrible right now and Rhonda is feeling chafed.

    Best regards to you and Charity.



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