Monday, November 18, 2013

At the Soiree

Update: Jill (center) is lovely but did not want her picture in the blog.
The soiree itself was, not surprisingly, fun.  It was kind of an extended cocktail hour, and that was
The contingent.  Gad I'm short!
fine.  I spent so much time talking to people I pretty much forgot to eat and if  hadn't poured some wine at the start, I probably wouldn't have had anything to drink either.  I've mentioned previously that, as a classic introvert, "cocktail hour" is one of those phrases that can cause a lot of anxiety.  Meg feels it, but I think less than my male self does.

I had a long chat with Taryn, Sara, Jill at different times, among others. These are girls I had not met before.  (There were others I met but didn't really talk to and I will address that later).

A couple of readers came by to say they enjoyed the blog ("hi girls" she shouts [waving frantically]).  I always appreciate that.  In my younger days, I wanted to be a radio, well, let's call it "personality."  I grew up with New York City FM radio and wanted to be part of that.  If I couldn't play an instrument, at least I could play a record.  One of my (many) worries was, what if, out of a potential audience of 30 million listeners, I was just talking to myself?  I think of that sometimes and that's when I hunt for the stats, but I know there are at least a few eyeballs out there.  And I have thanked you before but I can't thank you enough.

I'm still short!
There were a few first-timers.  A few came with partners.  One came with her daughter.  I LOVE talking to new girls, both new to the soiree and especially new to going out.  I was chatting with one girl and Bobbi (first time out, I believe) was the third girl in our group and I never did get to really talk to her at all.  (As I said, I'll get to that!)

I caught up with some ladies I hadn't seen in a few months: one went full-time, a couple are moving away, more than one had a new look. 

By the time the evening ended, I was seeing people leave who I hadn't even had a chance to chat with.

I first realised that I was standing for three hours when I started walking back to the car.  My feet suddenly started complaining about the pumps, and my earlobes said "if you'd like to unclip those earrings, we'd appreciate it."  The walk back to the car was over gravel which did NOT help my feet at all.

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  1. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun. I am sorry I missed it. Hoping to make the next one - Julie


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