Friday, April 12, 2013

Veet Veet!

I think I covered all of the choices for hair removal except depilitories.

Finishing the "choice" portion of these posts, there are several types of depilatories within each brand.  Safe for hair there.  Better for this type of hair.  Creamy, quicker, better ~ pick two.  There are a variety for in shower, for lotions, waxes, creams.

I don't like the idea of depilatories.  There are too many warnings on the bottle and too many rules for "safe" hair removal.  Don't use on (insert hairy body parts here), wash hands immediately, don't leave on too long, don't use if you have a cut or scab, don't use twice within 72 hours....  I have drain cleaner with fewer warnings.

I'd never use them at all, except they sort of work.  I've been switching between Nair and Sally Hansen removers.  Both are "3 minute, not more than 6, definitely not more than 10!  Warning!  Danger!  10 minutes is it!  We're not kidding!"

Actually, they're not.  One of my first times, I got a bit on a spot where I didn't expect it and wasn't looking for it.  It stayed for maybe 20 minutes and it decided to let me know it was there by burning my skin.

Another time, I got a bit on my nipple and was in pain for several days.

So I don't like depilatories.  But I keep going back to them.  Sometimes, it seems the hair grows back faster after use, or it re-appears the next day ~ it's probably just a cycle thing I don't understand.  Sometimes it seems that, even though I tried my best to follow the directions, I have a hairy patch when I'm done.

I always try to leave it on for the maximum time.  I don't "check after 3 minutes" as the label suggests.  I've tried shorter times and it doesn't work.

Both Nair and Sally Hansen are similar products.  Both tell you to use a thick layer of cream.  Both come in hard-to-empty bottles.  You know: the type you squeeze and it coughs and sputters and sprays Deadly Nair Particles all around the bathroom.  Being hard to get out of the bottle means a lot of (expensive) waste and a lot of time putting the product on which means by the time I've done (say) one arm, two minutes have passed and by the time I do the second, the first has already had cream on it for four minutes and the end of the second arm has just begun to bake so when do I remove what from where?

Hint 1: When I'm doing my arms/hands it's tough to wash the product off my palms after applying it.  So I wipe my palms on my belly.  I don't normally remove tummy hair and if the hair comes off or not, I don't care.

Hint 2: To speed up application, I squirt a mound of product onto a sheet of foil.  I can quickly gather it up and apply it without handling farting bottles while the clock is running.

A while back, I bought a bottle of Veet.  It came with a spatula for removing the product (which is weird).  Other products suggest using a washcloth and not rubbing (!! more warnings !!).

It also comes in a pump bottle, like hand lotion.

I tried it this week.  So far, I like it.  It came out smoothly and applied the same way.  Instead of working in bits because it takes so long to apply, I did three areas in one application: arms, underarms, chest.  I applied it to my chest first because it has the coarsest hair.  I then applied it to my hands and arms, then underarms (which have the most sensitive skin).  I removed it in reverse order.

My underarms have never been so smooth.  My chest came out pretty good.  My arms were hairless, although I could the black dots reappearing the next day.

I finished the Nair and Sally Hanson I had in the house.  On my next trip to the drug store, I'll be buying more Veet.


  1. Veet is the only product of this sort that works at all, in my experience. Nair is no better than hand lotion, and Sally Hanson literally burns my skin worse than lacquer thinner. When it comes down to it, I still have to use the razor, although wax is worth the money, if time exists (the usual limiting factor). The home wax kits are pretty much useless for more than brows.

  2. I hate depilatories. I tried and tried with them, but my skin tends to have violent reactions to them. Maybe a slight exaggeration. But still they are not for me.

    I invested in a GiGi home wax system. I love it! Love it! I have waxed from neck down, everything except underarms, ouch! It has gotten less painful and I have gotten better results over time.

  3. Thanks for the review, and new item!
    I've been careful in my limited use :) And THANK you for the nipple warning, was just thinking of using up around that area!
    Hugs, Sara


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