Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Casual Outing

There was one woman at my old job who I dealt with fairly regularly.  In the course of kidding around, I had shown her a couple of Meg pictures, starting with a Renaissance Faire picture which can be taken as a costume or not: your choice.

I also showed her my office Halloween costume ~ same deal, right?

I might have shown her one other; I can't recall.

But I never confirmed nor denied nor was asked about whether this was a lark or otherwise.

I mentioned my upcoming wedding.  She asked something about whether I was going to wear a wedding dress.

I was surprised and asked why she would say that.  She seemed flustered and changed the subject.

I guess I was less oblique than I thought.  No matter.  I wouldn't do the kidding if I wasn't prepared to step all the way out of the closet, at least with her.  I mean, if you just come partially out, you're liable to get hit in the head with the closet door.

After the wedding, I showed her some pictures and said it's something I do, sometimes, and this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  She was good with that.  I put no conditions on it, no "don't tell anyone" or anything like that.  As I said, I wouldn't say anything if I wasn't ready to face the consequences.

And now I work elsewhere.

The old gang are planning "alumni" get-togethers, kind of networking events, at someone's house.  I'm considering letting Meg go to the first one.  It's not really a serious thought, but neither was flying pretty when I first thought about it.


  1. Go for it, Girlfriend! (Stana would!)

  2. Meg, do it!! Before you know it you'll be out all the way and full time :D



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