Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Kathe Perez! You're On Notice

Last week, I wrote about my to-date failed attempts to improve Meg's voice.  I got some good advice in comments (thank you, Annie and Diana).  And Chris wrote:

I have found only Kathe Perez's voice training program to be useful, as she is a speech therapist.

And she's not the first one.

As soon as I have a bit of time, which may not be until I finish my taxes, I'm going to order Kathy Perez' voice program.  I'm going to do my best to follow the regimen and give it the best chance I can.

And I'm going to log progress here.  I haven't decided if it'll be in full-post updates or notes when progress is made (or walls are encountered).

I'm pretty excited about this.


  1. Meg, Best of luck with your voice training. I hope you get really comfortable with your feminine voice, so much so that it becomes your every day voice.


  2. Meg -

    I bought her 3 disks. However, I think the 30 day course might be more effective. Please tell me how well it works after you use it.

    Over here, I'll likely spend more money (while I have it) to go to an in person course held in NYC to accomplish the same thing. This gives me access to a speech therapist in person, and the ability to ask questions....


  3. I took her seminar at Keystone. She is very good. I have not ordered anything yet.


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