Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day

Plans, plans, plans.

For Valentine's Day, I bought tickets to see a play called Bad Jews.  It was playing in a small theatre called The Studio in Northwest DC.  It received good reviews and the last show would be the following day.  Fortunately, there were still some good seats available.  In truth, The Studio is small enough that the only bad seats are the ones that are partially behind pillars.

I checked and the theater was a short walk from the restaurant where I first Charity a little over three years ago.  And it's Valentine's Day.  And the day after our second mensiversary.

I thought this would be the perfect day to end the "Meg drought" that had gone on for two months now.


I was feeling a bit odd the night before and that morning, like I was possibly coming down with something.  My throat was a bit sore and I just felt... off.

Plus it was going to be cold (but not horribly so) and the prediction was for high winds and the theatre was not the most accessible.  We'd have to walk about three quarters of a mile if we took the train and parking was uncertain, although there's a hotel less than half a mile away that accommodated theatregoers.

I can dress warmer as a male than as a female, although Meg wears more layers.

And the walk from parking to the theatre to the restaurant to parking (under two miles total) is longer when the temperature is 35 and winds are 35 as well.  The prediction was for 30-40 mile an hour winds, with gusts over 60.  And the night would go down to single digits, and there might be an inch or two of snow.

So I was uncertain, but leaning towards drab.

But I started getting ready, thinking that there's a "fail safe" point....  I can shower, shave my closest, put on toner and moisturiser and even makeup primer and still go either way.  Even face makeup can stay on if I'm going out in male mode.

But once I got started, I thought it wouldn't be bad and I really wanted to go out.

So Meg did.

I'll have some photos and details during the week.  I did want to include a picture of some random person's front yard.  This was between the restaurant and theatre.  It's not t, but definitely girl-oriented and worth clicking on to enjoy the details.

Have a Barbie Valentine's Day!

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