Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Valentine's Day Experience: The Theatre

The "girly store" I mentioned yesterday was called "Miss Pixies."  The come-on was more feminine

Gift shop in an unused elevator!
than the actual store.
It had all sorts of stuff ~ it looked like a thrift or antique store but it had a huge variety of cute things.  There was a small amount of uninteresting clothing, but books, vinyl records, collectables, antiques (like an old automatic record player and a manual typewriter), many celebrity paintings (Elvis, Marilyn, more ~ not my style), and a lot of posters with a "real" heart on them and the label "El Corazon."

We looked around a bit and then headed to the theatre.

I went to the box office and told them I had two tickets for "Meg Winters," which he found and handed to me.  I then asked where I get the parking pass.  That was at the concession stand, so I went there to pay for and pick up my pass.

We still had a bit of time and we hung out in the lobby where we were pretty much ignored by everyone.

When the door finally opened, we followed the crowd to the main entrance.  The man said we should go to the other entrance, which was closer to the seats we were assigned.  We
Two for "Bad Jews," please
did and the woman taking tickets said "did he send you here?"  I said "yes, he said you needed the business."  She laughed and gave us our programmes and told us someone would show us our seats.  Inside, another woman pointed Charity toward her seat.  She then asked if we were together.  I said "always" and I followed her in.

The show was sold out.

I don't think the show lived up to it's reviews.  It was billed as a very funny show.  I didn't find it so, but it was worth attending.  I thought the scope was limited, too many people were giving long monologues where in real life they would have been interrupted repeatedly and the soliloquy would have degenerated into an argument.  The ending was very poignant and unexpected.

After the show, the weather was still nice.  It was cold but not horribly so, and the wind was calm which helped a lot.  We had considered driving to the restaurant but walked ~ probably a good thing.  Parking was almost non-existent there.

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