Monday, February 9, 2015


Today, I will have been married for 58 days.

It's been 58 days since Meg was out.

There have been a few reasons.  First, I was up in New York visiting the aged relative.  Then I came down with a cold.

Then I hurt my back and that makes it uncomfortable to wear heels, which are essential for me.  It also makes it painful to wear a cinch, which I often need.

Because I knew I wasn't planning on going out, I've been lax on arm/leg shaving, which in turn makes it a longer procedure to go out.

The temperature in the apartment seems to be out of sorts, but nothing I can pin down. Part of the apartment is hot, some cold and that means it's hard to even find something to wear around the house.

And it is winter: I'd rather hibernate than go out in the cold weather.  And ice + heels = disaster waiting to happen.

I've also been a bit busy with job hunting, and the associated anxiety poses a catch-22: going out as Meg is good for relieving anxiety but being anxious makes me less inclined to get dressed up, even though experience tells me if I could Just Get Started I'd be dressed and relaxed within an hour.

Also, Meg events I wanted to attend were inconvenient for other reasons.

So 58 days without Meg... and it'll probably go for another week at least... does that mean Meg is out of circulation?

No, it's the result of coincidences.

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  1. I miss you, but you'll be back in full glory soon, I'm sure :-)


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