Thursday, February 19, 2015

New Clothes But Not Quite What I Wanted

Prior to my new job, I went shopping for drab clothes.  I don't do this often so clothes wear out and need replacing sometimes.

Mostly I was looking for shirts.  I feel I can change my style a bit since I'm in a new group with people who really know nothing about me.

I bought a shirt in a bolder stripe than I normally wear (wide lavender).  I also purchased a pale pink with a blue crosshatch shirt.  Both are men's shirts, alas.  I also found a women's shirt in a fairly bold stripe ~ I think it's the type of thing that might be on men's shelves next year but who knows.

I've mentioned before, it's often difficult to find passable women's shirts.  Darts besides the bust are a no-no.  There's a lot of leeway in cuffs; I have a couple that are... different.  For instance, one has a tab with the buttonhole on it instead of the stock male cuff.  I'm OK with that.

Rounded collars are a showstopper.  I'd be OK with a "missing" top button because I don't do ties anyway.  It would look "off" to a casual observer but I think it would provoke a "that looks off" thought that is dismissed.

Vertical darts are iffy.  I was always thin (and I miss that!) and used to wear "European cut" or fitted shirts which had vertical darts (in the back only).

Sleeve length is also a consideration: no three-quarter or cap; even short sleeves are not often seen in the office although I may see if I can blaze a trail when the weather gets warm (as I write this, it's 8F here so today's a tights day, not a short-sleeve day).  But women's sleeves are generally a bit shorter than men's, and a bit tighter, even on long-sleeve tops.  That's something that requires a try-on every time.

Oh... one breast pocket on the left side is normal male design; women's shirts may have two or no pockets.  I'm fine with no pockets; I need to think hard about two pockets.

And of course, the fabric needs to be heavy enough.  Guys have a problem with sheer shirts.  Silk shirts are lovely but not that passable.

So finding one or two might require a long day of shopping but the more I can transition my wardrobe to the misses' department, the better I feel when I'm at work.


  1. Good luck with the top/blouse/shirt buying trip. I too have been looking for a long time. I have gotten a few over the years, even a few silk ones, one for each gender. Get compliments on either.
    As to two pockets, many mens shirts do have two pockets today as do women so guess which one I buy and wear.
    Wore a top, polo style, all day yesterday and received a few compliments. One lady was even a seamstress and thought the polo really looked great. It have a low "V" neck and no buttons and a logo over the left breast area. Very nice blouse/top.
    Good luck on the buying and the voice. Let us know how the voice goes too. Thanks for your blog.

  2. I'm sitting in my office, wearing my usual drab work outfit. My male work shirt has 2 pockets. At least seven of the work shirts that I wear the most have 2 pockets...

  3. I think I need to spend more time in the men's department to see what's acceptable these days.

    And then to push the envelope.


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