Monday, February 2, 2015

Virginia Is For Lovers

But it's run by hateful, disgusting morons.

From  a recent Washington Post article:

Bill in Va. gets quick surgery to recast anti-discrimination clause
Lawmakers hadn’t noticed language barring bias against gays

Deep inside complex legislation to legalize phone-based car services such as Uber and Lyft sat language meant to prohibit drivers from discriminating against gay or transgender riders.

The wording, picked up from legislation proposed in states where gay rights are enshrined in state code, went unnoticed until the bill made it to the Senate floor. Once the passage was discovered, the bill was abruptly sent back to committee for what was described as a “technical” fix, stripped of that language and returned to the chamber, where it passed this week.

I am appalled and disgusted.

But it is Groundhog Day.


  1. We have similar politicians here in Idaho. Our civil rights bill doesn't have protection for gays and transgender. For 8 years there has been a campaign to get the words "sexual orientation and gender identity" added to this law. We finally got a legislative hearing this year and after over 22 hours of testimony by over 114 people with more than 70% asking that the committee pass the bill to the general assembly, the committee voted down the measure 14 to 4 straight along party lines. it just saddens the sole to such disregard for their fellow citizens.

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