Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Simple Pleasure ~ Technology Update

Once upon a time, we were called transvestites (TVs).  Then both our vocabulary and technology evolved and we became crossdressers (CDs).

Now, people are steering away from TVs; my son doesn't even have one at his apartment.  And no-one uses CDs anymore.

It's time to update our label.  I propose Dynamically Variable Dressers (DVDs).


  1. I like the concept of being a Dynamicallyh Varialble Dresser but I am not sure how much longer even Luddites like me will be using DVD technology.

  2. Meg -

    And will you be dressing exclusively in blue then changing your name to Rae for the next iteration of the technology?


  3. Of interest, I've found that cross dressing Japanese men are called Zohkos and it's a New Japanese Fashion ... seems there are one in 4 men there who crossdress!


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