Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cause and Effect (or... Training for What? The Olympics?)

 I have had an epiphany.

I have been searching for bras in my (natural) size.  Without enhancements, there are not enough A's to represent my cup size.  Lately, I've stumbled upon something called a bralet.  I think this is the equivalent to a "training bra."

I have noticed that girls start wearing a training bra when one is not needed and not long after... they need one.  No, I don't go around interviewing or ogling young girls, but I think this is generally accepted knowledge.

I have a theory.

I think that wearing a training bra causes the, um, upper growth.  I managed to find a training bra in my band size (bandwidth?) and I've been wearing it regularly.

I see some increase, but it could just be my imagination, or wishful thinking, or normal body changes.

I'll keep trying.

I need a tape measure, but only one measurement. :(

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  1. It could be a little "shaping" going on due to you constricting the area with the bralet. Basically, fat / water will collect where it can, and a constricted area is harder to collect in. It's the same phenomenon as, if you have belly fat and regularly wear a belt, the fat will seem to "stop" (or at least decrease) at the belt line. I noticed it a little when I started wearing bras. Fat shifts a little to the loose area (the cups) because it's being squeezed elsewhere.


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