Thursday, May 30, 2013


May 18 was "Trans Pride Day" in DC.  This is part of the Gay Pride events here in DC.  The Gay Pride ("Capital Pride") events run for several weeks.

The Trans Pride Day events are a full day of programs, with breakout sessions, sponsors, and speakers.

The 18th was a rainy Saturday.  I hadn't prepared for going out and getting ready would take a bit of time.  I wasn't sure what to wear ~ would it be casual, dressy, all over the place....  I didn't know if it was mostly a gay event or a trans event.  Plus, it was my oldest son's birthday.  And I was behind on taking care of things at home.

Those are the excuses.

The reason I didn't go is, it is somehow outside of my comfort zone.  I don't know why.  I don't know which of those excuses is an actual reason, or if it's something else.

It's almost two weeks later and I still don't know.  I figure I have about fifty weeks to figure it out and go to next year's event.


  1. There’s no need for excuse: all of those reasons, one for one and summing them up all together make it very reasonable you didn’t go. I did plan to go to local LGBTQ events every year since I’m aware they happen but until now I did not succeed in attending any. So, you are not the only one.

  2. Meg,

    It may be a combination of the things you mentioned plus one major item that you failed to note which is your current 'simple pleasure' of having the ability to get out and about as Meg on a regular basis.

    When you were still living at home your Meg events were limited to few and far between. You would plan you outings and outfits for days, weeks, months. Now, if the pink fog strikes you can get fully or even partially dressed in your own apartment. If you feel the need/desire to step out you do not require a 'special event'. If you so wanted you could come home from work tonight and get dressed and simply go out to the ATM, the mall or the drug store or to dinner or a movie.

    I am suggesting that you have the ability to be Meg on terms of your choosing and that you do not need a special event to do your thing.

    Years ago my opportunities to express myself as Pat were very limited. I would shoehorn Pat into any slot that I could. Last night I was home alone and thought of going out. I figured I would simply dress and see where the wheels took me. I showered and then got involved in watching TV and halfway through dressing I just lost interest. I hope to go out tonight but may feel that the weather is too hot. Years ago I would never have passed up these chances to dress and go out.


  3. You said that last year
    You ll say it again next year


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