Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Getting Organised

I have some recurring days/nights out: Christine's groups, civilian games, Star's games, clothing swaps.  I'd love to avoid wearing the same thing multiple times.

I've evolved on this.  Not long ago, I wanted to wear each dress or skirt once and then put it aside until I tried EVERYTHING.  I think because I had so many more outfits compared to the number of times I went out, it seemed like a good idea.  Now, I don't mind wearing the same outfit ~ I'd just like to avoid doing so with the same group.

I have a lot of Meg pictures ~ at least a thousand.  My photos are organised by date, or date and event.

Now I have several new folders ~ one for each of the recurring events.  I put one picture of my outfit from each event into the appropriate folder.

Next time I go to a civilian game night I can quickly look at what I wore and (hopefully) choose something different.

One More Thing: I'm firmly on the male crossdresser path.  I think.  Yes, I'm pretty sure I am.  But I have a blog that I read where the author went from "I think I like girl things" to "transition here I come!" in a few short weeks.  She just started blogging in January and WOW!  I never expected the path she and her blog are taking!  It's worth a read, especially if you think "I might be happier as a woman."

Please take a little time to enjoy Ali Finds Her Self.


  1. Meg -

    And pretty soon, you'll simply be looking to remember what you wore a day or two before, and not worry whether you're seen twice in the same outfit - if those occurrences are more than 2-3 weeks apart. You will likely be using accessories (such as scarves) to present a different look each time you wear an outfit....


  2. When it comes to making the most out of a wardrobe, one blogger stands out for me:


    yes, I'm pretty sure I am ..... hmm...


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