Friday, April 4, 2014

Trade Ya!

I didn't get to the last clothing swap.  I wanted to ~ I have a large bag of nice clothing, including an evening gown.

My friend Steffi did go (and she went to Keystone as well ~ if she [or any reader] wants to tell me about her experience, I can offer some space]) and was nice enough to write up her experience.

Here is Steffi in her own words [with a tiny bit of annotation]:

I went to this local clothing swap [the one I've been to several times - MW].  Everyone brings unwanted clothes to the swap, where they get put out on tables by size.  At the appointed time, everyone is let into the room to go thru the clothes and take as much or as little as they want.

The swap is for women's clothes only and the swappers are 98% GGs.  This swap, there was me, another TG (S) and the organizer (K) [the amazing and wonderful Kim - MW] who is a trans supporter.

My wife tolerates my CDing, but does not want me dressing in the house or leaving or returning to the neighborhood dressed.  So, my usual protocol is to leave the house dressed en drab, change clothes in the car somewhere en route, and put on makeup in the ladies room at the venue.  By the time I get to the venue, I'm fully en femme with forms and wig, but with little or no makeup.  So it's more appropriate for me to go into the ladies room, rather than the men's room, to put on makeup.

So everything is going to plan, and I'm in the ladies room at the mirror applying my makeup.  A GG comes in, and she is stands behind me looking into the mirror.  The next thing I know, she is pulling her top over her head, exposing a sports bra.  Then she pulls a different top over her head and checks herself in the mirror.  Then she repeats this with a different top, maybe half a dozen times.  And I'm kind of frozen in place, although I keep working on my makeup and don't turn around.  I don't know if she didn't realize that I wasn't quite the girl I may have outwardly appeared to be or if she just didn't care.

After we turn in our clothes we are providing, we wait in an orderly line until the appointed time when the swap starts.  So while sitting waiting for the swap to start, I engage is a conversation with the GG sitting next to me about her acrylic nails.  I would love to do them once, but I've heard here that acrylics would wreck my nails in male mode until they fully grow out.  While we're talking, the GG on the other side chimes in about her shellacked nails.  I also told the first GG that on occasion that I let my natural nails grow out, and that they can get pretty long.  I showed her my nails and showed her some pics on my phone when they were even longer.  She was impressed.  Overall, a very enjoyable time of girl talk. [I've had nice chats as well at the swaps.  Wonderful group of ladies - MW]

One we're in the swap, one of the GGs says she's looking for Size 14 pants and jeans, if anyone finds any to throw them over to her.  I find about 4 or 5 and throw them over to her, for which she is very appreciating.

After finding a few interesting tops, jeans and skirts, I wander over to the shoes, and I find a pair of size 12 over the knee boots.  What a lucky find!  Into my bag they go.

After the tables are almost empty, It's time to turn into a pumpkin again.  I go into the men's room in full girl mode, and take over the handicapped stall where I exchange girl clothes for boy clothes.  Then I get out my makeup wipes and remove all the makeup and the transformation was complete.

These swaps are held regularly, and some of the GGs know me from previous swaps and come over to say, "Hi".  Sometimes they even pick out clothes that I might like, or comment on clothes that I have found on my own.

Just a great couple hours of being a girl, in an otherwise drab (pun intended) week.

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