Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Simple Pleasure: My Favourite Colour

In the past, if one asked me what would be my favourite colour, I'd say "I don't have one."

Last week, I learned that I do.  It's purple.

Purple covers a huge range of hues.  I don't know violet from maroon from burgundy from amethyst from eggplant from fandango from fuchsia from lavender from magenta from plum from mauve.

I often pick out an outfit in one of those 27 shades of purple and then spend ten minutes trying to figure out which shade of purple tights provides the best match ~ usually none do.

But I thumbed through my closet and drawers and noticed that there are more purple items than any other.  More than pink, more than black, and more than black-and-white.  And I'm partial to black-and-white.

I don't think that means I'm going to paint my walls fuchsia and buy eggplant drapes in my next living space, but it seems to be where I gravitate.

If you ask a little boy what his favourite colour is, he'll probably say "blue."

If you ask a little girl what her favourite colour is, she might say "blue."  Or she might say pink.  Or purple.  Or red.  Or green.  And when she says "blue" she's probably thinking robins-egg or cyan or a pastel variation, rather than "navy."

So... what's your favourite colour?


  1. That's always a difficult question, my favourite colour for daffodils is yellow! My daughter thinks my favourite colour is pink because I am very fond of pink flowers, my wardrobe would suggest that my favourite colour is black, at the last count I had six black dresses, plus sundry blouses, trousers and skirts ~ but that is "Concert Dress". Where I have a free choice I will often go to the pastel shades of purple, lilac and pink.
    But at the moment I have a vase of yellow roses on my desk in front of the green wall.

  2. This is not likely a new development.
    What is the name of the color of the background and the foreground for our web page. I suspect that they are both in the purple family. Is the background mauve? Is the foreground lilac. I just saying...

  3. A year or two ago, I noticed that I was favoring blue whenever I had to make a choice. After I noticed that, I noticed so many more times when I would enjoy looking at something that color.



  4. when i was younger, if asked i always said black. it was just simpler than being honest and saying i LOVE GREEN! a few shades of green i can truly do without.......(hint: baby puke green) ;p however every other shade of green i just love. i had a light forest green 98 camaro; that was my baby. :)


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