Monday, April 28, 2014

Out at Last, Out at Last!

I haven't been out a lot the past few months.  The last time was to see Orlando, in early March.  I missed game day, and I haven't been to game nights in quite a few months.

Saturday was a clothing swap but I have a lot of work to do to get my (already late) taxes done and organise my financial.  With the pending divorce, my cash flow is crazy and it took a number of hours to figure things out.  Plus I have to get off my current ISP, which is associated with the house, and onto a private ISP.  So I've been contacting people and businesses to change my address.

That was Saturday.

My friend Marian was also in town last weekend.  I wanted to get together but couldn't arrange it until Sunday.  Charity came along, and we met metro'd in to DC and met Marian at the Smithsonian castle.  She was chatting with the guard before I got there; the guard didn't seem to find anything out of the ordinary about her, or about us.  We were talking and she mentioned that she'd like to get some coffee and the guard interrupted and said there's good coffee inside.  We bought coffee and pastries and sat around and enjoyed a snack.  I went up to the information desk to find out what was going on on the mall (there were a bunch of teepees outside the castle, which turned out to be a Keystone XL protest).  The information lady didn't know but started to walk over to the guard with us, assuming he would know (I already asked; he didn't).  But it was nice of her to offer.

And so went the day.  When I say "nothing out of the ordinary," I saw no odd looks from the moment I left the apartment, to the metro rides, to the various museums we went to.  We were treated as anyone else (including having our bags examined by mall security) and we acted accordingly.

I did decide to take advantage of the restroom in the Hirshhorn art museum, because it wasn't crowded and we'd be heading towards more crowded museums from there.  Something horrible happened there.

There was no paper in my stall.  Fortunately, for me, paper is optional. :)

The restroom remained empty which allowed me time to touch up my lipstick after my coffee and we moved on to the mall area, and to the American History museum.

Another friend mentioned that she would be at a drag show (herself in drab) that evening but I had agreed to pick up my son around the time the show began so I had to skip.

Pictures tomorrow.


  1. Another reason why a lady always carries a small pack of tissues in her bag (purse)

  2. Meg -

    I had a great time, and wish we could meet more often. Your friend didn't call, but I'll mention more when I post my "Day 3" blog entry. But I can say that I think I'm passing better than I have a right to do.



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