Monday, April 21, 2014


Friday's post, you may recall, simply said:

Tonight will be a new trans-related experience for me.  I'll do a postmortem next Monday.

I specified "t-related" because I was not out dressed.  In fact, I underdressed down because I wanted to keep Meg as low-key as possible.

I met a t-friend (S) and his wife for dinner.  Charity joined me.  Two men, two women, meeting for dinner.

I had never met my friend's male self before.  He had never met me, although our femme-selves had met several times; she had even come up to the apartment to change in the past.

Please bear with me; I'm having pronoun trouble.

I think our femme-selves get along well.  We always have good talks at soirees and other times we've met.  This was, for me, kind of an experiment.  I have come out to people who know my male self, and introduced most to Meg.  I haven't done it in reverse, and I can't figure out why that's odd.  I mean, people who know my male self don't know anything about Meg.  People who know about Meg know there's another identity in there somewhere.

By the way, I have met a few t-friends both as Meg and, um, not-Meg.  It's something I should feel comfortable about doing more often.  I prefer to meet people as Meg because, well, I like Meg.  Of the "two of us" she's definitely the more attractive one.

I think this is the first of more similar activies.  I don't like to have to set aside three extra hours to get ready/unready to meet with friends I have something seriously in common with, but I can easily meet a work friend after office hours.

I think I just have to admit there's two of me, and we're both equally good and nice people and it should be my preference who meets with friends.  There are caveats.  I have met t-friends who do not want to meet my male side.  Absolutely do not.

I guess there are four combinations of Meg and t-friend meeting:
both present as female: this happens quite a bit and is good.
both present as male: rare, but good.  Friends is friends, no?
I present as male, friend as female: has happened a few times.  I don't let my lack of preperation time keep me from meeting (or making) a friend
I present as female, friend as male: hasn't yet happened.

We'll see what the future brings.


  1. Two hours to get ready, one to get unready (the sad part of the day).

  2. I'm confused - Julie

  3. "Not-Meg," isn't that the spice I sprinkle on my eggnog? :)




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