Thursday, April 3, 2014

Snooze = Lose has one deal a day.  They sell until they're gone and then they stop until the next day.  Since I started checking them out, they've added "side deals" which I ignore (hey ~ life's too short to track every deal).

They now also have several short-lived deals below the main one, in different categories.  I rarely look at those and when I have looked, they haven't been interesting.

But I did one day last week and they had a good many dresses.  There were three that I loved ($15 each!) but I didn't want to get all three, even at that price.  It said the deal expires in two days or when they sell out.

I waited too long, and now I have none.

Since then, I've checked out those deals but they haven't been interesting.

Here comes the weekend!  Click to see.

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