Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Funnies: When in Doubt, Blazek

Happy birthday dad.  I miss you.

Cannons, 1 of 3

Cannons, 2 of 3

Cannons, 3 of 3

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Friday, July 25, 2014

Name and A Dress

I've noticed I have lots of skirts I love but most of my tops I'm not that fond of.  So, to balance that out, I wear dresses most of the time.

At game day, I found a combination I liked and wore a top and skirt.  I think I should take every top I have out of my closet and lay them all down.  If I decide I won't wear one I will get rid of it.  I bet I bring half of my tops to the next clothing swap.

another pre-games pic

There's a line at the loo!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Game Day!

I'm getting more comfortable about game days.  In the past, I've wanted to know who's coming, and what their t-connection (if any) is.  For this visit, I didn't ask.  When I arrived, I did ask how many

Lull in the "Smallworld" action. 
would be there just because I was curious as to how many games would be playing simultaneously.  It turns out Star was expecting 15.  There were civilian couples, one kid, one baby, another transgirl.
A group of five of us played Smallworld, a strategy game.  A sixth joined us to play Telestrations, which we played so we could sync with another game (King of Tokyo, I think) and then split off for game three (Kingdom Builder, another strategy game; I stayed mostly with the same group as the Smallworld players, although Charity split off to play the other major game).  I like playing games I've never played before, but with strategy games that always puts me at a disadvantage.  I don't play for blood though.

The child among us wanted to play a more party game, so we finished with Say Something.  Like Telestrations, it is a party game.  I had a nice chat with the (9 year old?) girl who was there.

It's always nice to be in a group of non-judgmental people of any age.  I do enjoy this group!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Simple Pleasure ~ Overwhelmed!

I cannot believe the number of books, articles, op-eds, and events I am seeing relating to trans-issues.  Some are good, some are bad, some are empowering, some are scary, some show the writer's ignorance, but the fact that our visibility is increasing exponentially is definitely a good thing.

The haters are still there, but there are more and more "who cares?" people out there now, and more

New top, new skirt!
and more "here's something good about transfolk" stories.  I still see stupid headlines like "Man Stabbed by Crossdresser" but I expect it won't be long before enough people take umbrage and it goes the way of headlines like "Man Stabbed by Negro."
The "overwhelmed" comes in because I like to try to sometimes post links to relevant articles here.  There are so many, that would now be a full-time job, both my writing and your reading.  I already have a couple of full-time jobs, and don't have room for another.

I'll try to catch the best (and worst) and post them, but I'm sure a lot will slip through my fingers and I've had to cull whole areas, like growing up trans ~ there are a LOT of kids with accepting parents who want what's right for their children but they're in unchartered territory.  I'm fascinated but... it's that full-time job thing.

It's good that it's overwhelming and the haters are becoming a smaller voice.  Soon they'll be just the KKK and neo-nazi fringe types.  I know they'll never be gone, but the future looks bright.

The photo to the right is from last weekend's game day.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Meanwhile, Back at the Fringe....

(note to ezs: I saw your comment.  I'd be happy to look at your blog, but the address is wrong)

 I mentioned "Tame" as a show to miss.  The next two that we saw were better.

The first was "Bethesda," which I had seen reviewed and it sounded interesting.  Plus, Bethesda is just over the bridge in Maryland.  It was a family drama, well acted and well scripted.  My only complaint is, the scene kept changing from Bethesda to Central America and they'd always have the same South-of-the-Border music playing during the scene changes.  I would have liked for the music to cue me as to where the scene will be next.  Bethesda is playing tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday.

After the show, we were standing in the lobby of the Goethe Institut.  Both the second and third plays were there, but on different stages.  That's where I congratulated one of the actors on the fine show.

Mostly, I'm a fan of comedy, and comedies abound at Fringe, but these were two dramas.  The final show was a one-woman show called "A Lesbian Belle Tells."  Elizabeth McCain, a now-local woman who grew up in small-town Mississippi, tells about her southern family and how both she and they came to terms with her lesbianism.  It was interesting, touching, funny, and enlightening and I really enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.  I mean, for a straight Yankee.  Charity (not only from small-town Alabama ~ she actually knew some of the same people Elizabeth knew) enjoyed it a lot more.  In fact, I noticed something funny: she'd talk and there would be laughter, either from her telling of the story or from recognition, but different groups.  After a while, I could recognise the lesbians, southerners, and, um, "others."

She does her show at venues other than Fringe, where she has two more shows.  If you go, say hi after the show and tell her Meg and Charity sent you. :)

And you can find her on her facebook page.

One more note....  Last year we saw a show called "Caberet XXXY" from Pinky Swear Productions.  It was original, funny, and I had a great (drab) time.  I wanted to see it because I thought there might be a t-connection from the letters.  It turns out they have a three woman troupe and a guy joined for that year's show.  This year they're doing "Caberet XXX: Everybody F*cking Dies" and I hope I get a chance to see one of the remaining four shows.

Get out and enjoy the Fringe.  I guarantee if you're going out dressed you won't be the most outrageous person there.  In fact, people might ask what show you're doing. :)

And I also guarantee you'll love the shows.  Or not.  Hey, it's fringe.  It's kinda mixed.  If you want a boilerplate blockbuster go to Broadway.