Sunday, March 29, 2015

Shoe Left

Some more Shoe cartoons, following up from last Sunday.  Click to enjoy.


The Perfosser and Wiz.

Shoe and Roz

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Is the Shock Value Gone?

One big aspect of humour is shock.  When something is unexpected or way outside of expected behaviour, it's funny.

Trans-comics are harder to find these days.  The ones I have are mostly not funny enough to share.  I wonder if cartoonists have come to realise that we're just folks and there's nothing funny about a guy in a dress, no matter what the situation.

I may be running out of Saturdays.  I do have one more folder to go through, but this was my go-to pool for the first year or so of blogging and at that time I didn't move used cartoons to another folder so I may have posted some of them before.  Like this Lila from 2009....  I have the feeling I've used it before.

Click or zoom to enjoy

Friday, March 27, 2015

Lifetime Supply

I often wear a tank or camisole under my shirt.  I like to grab one that more-or-less matches the shirt of the day.

My preference is for a cami.  If it's possible to see through the shirt, I go with a tank.

I have quite a number of each, including about a half-dozen white tanks to go with shirts with a white base (like many of my striped shirts).  Some of the tanks are questionable but there are two reasons I wear them anyway:

1. no-one notices
2. if they do, I don't care.

Questionable includes racerback or v-necks or other feminine touches to what's really a stolen undershirt.

But thanks to "Woot Accessories," I have picked up two separate packs of Things To Wear Under My Shirt.

One is a pack of ten stretchy "one size" camis in a variety of colours.  The other is a dozen tanks in a dozen colours.

I think I won't be shopping for camisoles or hunting for tanks I can grudgingly wear for a long time.

On a related note, socks, especially girl socks, have a limited life.  I picked up a dozen pair of Esprit socks from Daily Steals to replace socks that are starting to succomb to the escape attempts of my toes.  For the most part, they're more girl-ish than girl (pastel patterns vs, say, hearts) which is what I'm usually looking for.

This won't be a lifetime supply, but I'm probably good for a year.

Each of these collections was under $30.

I have a decent supply of panties, picked up at various places.  Panties are harder because they need to fit really well.  Unless I find one of my known good panties, I wouldn't buy in bulk.

My only remaining problem is convincing myself that I don't want to go shopping for panties, socks, and camisoles.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

New Girls

Discovery Life, a channel to which I do not subscribe, will air a five-part series called "New Girls on the Block" featuring different transitioning transgendered women.

It sounds more like a documentary (of which I'm not a fan) more than a reality show (which I eschew).  I also don't really watch trans-oriented movies.  I gave up on "To Wong Foo" and "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert."  I haven't seen "Kinky Boots" or "Hedwig" or "Transamerica," although I own the latter.  I didn't love "La Cage" and skipped the sequel.  I wanted to catch "Paris Is Burning" but it's on the back burner.  I set the DVR to tape "Ru Paul's Drag Race," watched half of one and deleted them all.

I may look for this on-line.  Something about it sounds interesting.

As of yesterday, the website says is it start 11 April.  The cable guide says it starts 2 April.  Someone is confused.  There's a link to the show here but beware: video with sound starts when you click the link!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Accidents Will Happen

The Keystone Conference was last week.  This is the closest trans conference to my house and a lot of local girls go.  I've never been to any trans conference.

I thought hard about going, but I also had my reservations.

I feel like I let down a few people, including some not-local readers, who said they'd be there and expressed interest in meeting me.  No doubt I would have loved that.

But I also just started a new job and didn't want to take a few days off.  Charity also started a new job and would have a harder time taking a few days off.

And it turns out there was a rescheduled kid event that fell on Keystone weekend.  Who knew?

There are a bunch of conferences now.  Maybe I'll make it to Cape Cod for the Fantasia Fair (which isn't on that list) or Ft Lauderdale for Southern Comfort.  I could use a little change of scenery, which an hour drive to central Pennsylvania doesn't really give me.

I'll start saving my farthings now.

In the meantime, if Sharon or any of the other ladies want to write an essay on the conference (or send pictures!) I'll post.

Monday, March 23, 2015

No Dress Code (Thesis Part III)

Friday I mentioned the "reasons" portion of the "reasons or urges" times I go out.  I don't know if all Meg events fit into one of those categories, but they're definitely most outings.

Urges are time when I just want to go out and do it as Meg.  Sometimes I just want to go to the city or shopping or to the theatre as Meg.  So I do.  I have no problem going to the same shop or museum or whatever as Meg/non-Meg because no-one's going to remember me from one visit to the next.  If I'm shaved and want to feel the wind on my legs and have the extra time, Meg will go.  If not, Meg may go, or not.

Sometimes, I just put on a dress or skirt around the apartment because it's comfortable.  And sometimes that turns into "I really want to go 'full Meg' and I do.

The nice thing about my current situation is, I can often make a decision at the last minute ~ sort of.  I do need to ensure I've been in maintenance mode so I can (relatively) quickly get ready.

And to get back to my original topic, I can choose to be Meg or not.  Even in the "Meg always goes," I can come out and go as non-Meg.  I just have to be ready for the consequences.

Those of us who are or see themselves as going full-time, pre- or post- or no-op, lose the "non-Meg" option... mostly.  Girls can go out in a sort of Victor/Victoria mode and get away with it.  Or just decide androgynous is one of their looks.  I suspect that most transwomen will consider the effort they put into becoming their true selves and not go back-and-forth.  Again, this is from the gut.

I have an option that they, for all practical purposes, do not.  I'm not saying my lifestyle path is better, just that it's right for me.  If my path led me to transition, then giving up the male option would be pure relief, and never a burden.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Shoe! Right!

Shoe is one of the strips that made a good transition from Jeff McNelly to his daughter Susie, after he died.

Here are some recent ones I've enjoyed.  Please click to enjoy the artwork.

Loon and The Perfessor

Shoe, The Perfessor, and Sen. Batson D Belfry