Friday, May 29, 2015

There Are More

I'll finish my people who helped Meg grow next week.

But I want to say that there are many more who are too numerous to mention individually but are important nonetheless.

The girls at the soirees.  There are many, some I met only once and was in awe of for one or more reasons: their comfort, their poise, their situation, more.  One girl came to the soiree as her first time out the door and then went to Freddy's with some of the girls.  Pretty amazing.  And some of the regulars are pretty amazing too (like you, Cindy!).

My readers.  Some I've met, such as Marian and Mandy and Alana.  Some I've wanted to meet but it never worked out.  That doesn't mean it won't.  And I've learned a lot from readers taking my polls, sending me comments, writing me notes.  You're all full of surprises!

The girls I've met on my travels.  One in particular, in Colorado: when we met, she was counseling other girls and her girlfriend wants her to go full-time.  Five years earlier she had dressed for the very first time.  I find that amazing, along the lines of going to a church for the first time and being a bishop five years later.

Girls I've met through their blogs.  People like Halle and Alison and Annie (who has stopped blogging) and Kimberly Huddle.

There are two more I will get to Monday and Tuesday and that will be the end of this.


  1. Hi Meg!
    Your blog post today reminds me that all of us have people in our lives, in the cyber world and in our everyday world who encourage us. Thank you for reminding me that I am never alone... even when it feels like I am!

  2. Meg -

    And, like you, I have many people to thank as well....


  3. Meg you are too kind. I will always be grateful for you and Charity meeting me for a warm dinner on a wet stormy evening. I was just telling my therapist about our meeting. You may not know this, but that was only my third time out in the wider world. Since then I've started therapy, come out to my wife, and at work, and am living full time. There have been lots of changes over the past year, and I appreciate your friendship. Hugs to you and Charity


  4. When you promise and "end to it" that sounds so final, almost as though you expect t stop developing. I am sure that this is an idea that you could revisit in a year or two and find plenty more people to list.


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