Thursday, May 21, 2015

No Brainer

Yesterday's post should be a clue.

Sharon has been out in the t-community for much longer than I have.  She's been involved in support groups, Keystone, and more.

When I first met Sharon (at a soiree?) we started chatting and realised we had met before.  Kim (who I gave a shout-out to recently) organised a t-clothing swap.  She had a makeup artist friend (who, alas, has moved away) there and a dozen or so girls.  She convinced a photographer friend to open her house to us, and she took posed pictures of us ~ a new experience for some.

I was new-to-being-out and kind of nervous and didn't chat with many people.  This was in May, 2009.  I'm not sure I spoke to Sharon at all.  My loss.

Since becoming re-acquainted, we've met in every combination possible: my male and female persona have met her male and female persona.  She's come over to change before going out; small children at home make changing tricky.  We've met each others' spouses.

She's one of the good ones.


  1. Thanks Meg. Your blog is an inspiration to me. I am glad to be your friend.


  2. Meg:

    Also knowing Sharon, I can attest that she is, indeed, one of the good ones. Before I gathered the gumption to get out and about, I was aware from both of your online presence that it could be done in the DC area --- that I had nothing to fear but my own conjured up fear and paranoia. Having met you both through Christine and Pamela's soirees (which have long since outgrown the capacity of their home), I must say that I count you both as role models and pretty cool chicks to hang with.

    As always, best regards,


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