Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Introducing Your Hostesses

Pamela and Christine are part of our DC trans community.  A few years ago, they decided to open up their lovely home to the trans community for more-or-less monthly "soirees."

Since it was still difficult for me to get out, I missed several.  But eventually I made it to my first and it was a new and wonderful experience.

I was out in a relaxed atmosphere meeting new people and enjoying it.  Some of the girls already knew me, through the blog, which was cool.  But three important takeaways:

* I felt like I was at an elegant party.  I would have felt fine in an evening gown.  It was a place to dress UP and fit in, which was special.

* Every time I went, there were girls who had never been out before.  Christine and Pamela offered them a safe place to go OUT and they recognised it and ran with it.  At least one went from never going out to Christine's to Freddy's (a gay club some of the girls go to after the soiree) and then out after that.  That's kind of zero to sixty in five seconds.

* I never knew how diverse our community is.  There were girls and SO's of every variety.  There were girls in every stage and level, from casual dresser to transitioned.  It was wonderful!

The soiree has since outgrown their house and moved to another venue but I will always think of Christine and Pamela as the perfect hostesses.

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