Monday, May 25, 2015


A special shout to four ladies I once worked with.

I told the story of surprising my old boss with the help of a former co-worker whom I came out to.  The co-worker is very conservative, quite religious, and open-minded enough that I felt it was OK to tell her about Meg and she helped me get dressed and we met our former boss for lunch on Halloween (hence the Boo!).

That was in 2008 and the story is here.  After reading, go to the very bottom (past the comments) and read the rest of the story in the next three posts.

The following year, I came out to my new boss at a new job and she was very enthusiastic about me coming in dressed on Halloween.  She was busy when I got in after dressing and I just went up to a co-worker (the office fashionista) who not only didn't recognise me but she proceeded to introduce me around the office as a new employee, fooling everybody.  That story is here, and also in four parts.

So a shout-out to four great women.  You all raised my confidence immensely and taught me t-girls were as welcome as g-girls.

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