Friday, May 22, 2015

Elizabeth Taylor. Really.

Beth is my idea of what every GG should be.  She's friendly, she's outgoing, she does makeup for the T community (she's done mine!  Pictures here) and incorporates photo sessions.

She started coming to Christine and Pamela's soirees a while back and enjoys hanging with the "new girls."

Who could ask for anything more?

And her name really is Elizabeth Taylor.  Her website is Makeovers With Elizabeth Taylor and she does fine work: judge for yourself, and maybe give her a shout when you're in the DC area.  (And even cooler, her full name is Elizabeth Ann Taylor so if she decided to just use her middle name she'd still have a dress connection.)

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  1. I can second Meg's enthusiasm. I've been there, Beth is fabulous. A lot of pictures from my photo shoot are posted on her website. So if you're going to be in the area, contact her. It'll be worthwhile!



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