Friday, May 24, 2013

Thicker? No. Longer? I Think So.

Breast growth isn't my only experiment.  On and off, I've been trying lash sera.  These claim to increase

the length of your lashes, or make them thicker, or both.
I started using RapidLash which is expensive and now harder to find.  I scoffed at the results until I noticed that, when I curl my lashes, there is definitely more lash exposed beyond the curler.

Oddly enough, it seems my right eye's lashes are longer than my left eye's lashes.

I tried a couple of other sera but the jury is currently out.  I used one which left a horrible crust on my lashes.  I used another from Rimmel which had an odd brush which made it hard to not poke myself in the eye while using it.  I'm now using something that's incredibly inexpensive (Select Lash Eye Lash Serum).  I'll report back in a few weeks.  I suspect that, as lashes fall out and are replaced, they'll stop growing at their normal length or respond to the serum.

Time will tell, but it's a tough experiment to do: I know the Rapidlash works but I'd love to find a less expensive alternative.


  1. I be tried a product called smart lash
    It costs $ 29 dollars a tube which they say lasts a month
    It usually lasts me 2 months

  2. Eyelashes are something I hadn't even thought about before. Great, one more item to add to the personal grooming list! No wonder women take forever to get ready ... :)


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