Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We Need More ENDA

or fewer idiots.
Here are two pictures:

Both are ostensibly of the same woman.

They're from articles about the same woman.  The one on the left is in the first person, writing about how she  took a job as a substitute teacher in Texas while between assignments as a pilot.  One of her fifth grade students knew her for many years, and knew that she had transitioned earlier.  Her parents didn't like that and Laura Klug was fired a few days later.

The one on the right is from "redhotconservative.com" and is under the headline Texas Transvestite Teacher Confuses 5th Grade Students at Lumbarton ISD.  Keep in mind she is not a transvestite, and she is not the one confusing students (she just did her job).  The article goes on to refer to her as a man and contains other misinformation and mischaracterisations but had one tiny bit of fact:

Men who want to dress up as women are not a protected class under the 
 Constitution or state law and therefore the teacher can be fired.

Setting aside that the premise (she's not a man), we can indeed be fired.  Hence the need for ENDA.

Laura's article is here.  The incendiary trash is here.  That's me.  Fair and balanced.

Happy(?) ending: I found this headline yesterday:

East Texas School District Opts to Keep Transvestite Teacher

Again, starting with a mischaracterisation (repeated endlessly in the article) but, hey, it's in the New American.  That, for the unaware, is the official rag of the John Birch Society.  If you don't know what the JBS is, consider yourself lucky.

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  1. I loved what she wrote :) and as for the other article... um yeah, good grief. Thank you for sharing this, very interesting.


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