Monday, April 7, 2014

The Things They Teach in Girl Scouts

If you go to this site, you can learn that, as a girl, you can not only be anything you want to be, you can wear pink when you do it!  Probably a short pink skirt.  This is actually on a Girl Scout webpage.

Life is good.  But there's never going to be gender equality at this rate.




By the way... could anyone tell which outfit was which?  I couldn't.


  1. Wow! some pretty strange combinations, and is it really a good idea to present Barbie as a career role model?

  2. The last one was a typo, it should of read vegetarian.

  3. i agree with paula when she asked "was it a good idea using barbie as a role model?"

    seriously; they had to use an imaginary figure with an un-natural body design that often gives young girls years worth of self image problems...........i would say much better options were availible.


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