Thursday, April 24, 2014

Good News, Everyone!

Today, the Washington Post had an article: 

Introducing Steven Petrow’s ‘Civilities,’ an advice column on LGBT/straight etiquette

I was surprised, to say the least.

And very pleased.  

I was unfamiliar with Mr Petrow.  I eagerly read the article about his upcoming columns and chats. 

And I saw was I was afraid I'd see: lots of sexual orientation items; one gender identity item.  And that was the "which bathroom" throwaway.

I left a comment to the effect that they should please remove T from the label if they don't mean T.  I read several other comments and commented on some comments (I don't like trolls; one that I replied to was deleted because it was that rude). 

Mr Petrow was associated with the New York Times.  He chimed in several times in the comments section of this article (a nice and unusual touch).  He had a lot of commenters who were familiar with him and fans.  I am looking forward to reading his columns.  I'll let y'all know if you should head there.  I think his first column is in two weeks and his first chat in one (although I may have that backwards).  Tuesday at noon is going to be busy for me: Steven Petrow, Gene Weingarten, and Alexandra Petri all chat at that time.  Ah well.  Perhaps an embarrassment of riches awaits.

The WaPo article is here.  Look for my smiling face in the comments. :)


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