Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Man's Nuts! Grab 'Im!

If you don't know who Ernest Istook is, check out his wiki profile.  It touches on highlights of his career, like his association with Jack Abramoff, his repeated attempts to return prayer to schools (by constitutional amendment), his massive fail running for Governor of OK, and his off-the-chart right wing views.

Now he's just Making Stuff Up for a site called "Talk Radio News Service" and on his very own radio show.  Istook is generally a smart guy I vehemently disagree with on pretty much everything. In fact, I can reliably figure out his views by inverting mine on the same topic.  Conservatives reading this are saying "ah.  Meg's a left wingnut."  I plead guilty.  One more step to the left and I'd probably be shot for treason. :)

And I wish he was actually revealing the world as it is, instead of as the voices in his head hear it.

The headline:

Obama Says Federal Employees Are Now Free To Cross-Dress 

will take you to the article.


  1. I do not think that we disagree.

  2. I too agree that we disagree(is that right?)
    Do you agree or disagree?
    By the way what do we agree or disagree on?

  3. if i wasn't a liberal, i would have shot that man. i guess it's a good thing for him.


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