Thursday, October 6, 2011

That Clothing Swap V

There's not much more to tell.  I stopped for gas on the way home without anything interesting happening.

I had a great time, and I felt good.  I didn't have time to enjoy that good feeling for long.  I still had to change, and I did want to take my son out to his traditional birthday dinner.

I have some pictures of swappers and clothing that I'll post over the next couple of days.  Today, Paula, I wanted to show you that, yes, there were some women in dresses there.  I want that dress.  I told the owner that I loved it and that I can never find dresses like that in my size.  She wasn't interested in conversing, alas.  I blame the surprise factor.  People don't expect to see me and some have an easier time of regaining their composure than others.  Fortunately, most seem to be OK.  I liken it to finding someone in a wheelchair, or a guy in a horrible toupee, or someone with extreme piercings, like those giant hoops that stretch the hole in your ear to inches across.  It's unexpected, and the kind of thing your four-year-old would stare at.  I admit Meg is in that category.  I'm glad I mostly deal with adults.

The second picture is Meg and Kim, our hostess.  I like Kim.  She's fun to be around, but she is one of those people who will walk up to strangers and have conversations like she's known them all their lives.

Once, we were out at one of those discount places that has racks of clothes and thousands of shoes.  We looked around; alas, all of the shoes were 10 or smaller.  There was a guy there who was looking at shoes and surreptitiously slipping on a pair here and there.  I pointed him out to Kim.  We were going to a t-group meeting later.  (I think I owe you that story, don't I?)  She walked up to him, and started to chat.  I saw them looking at me and they talked for maybe ten minutes.  When she came back, I said "what did you say to him?"  She said "I invited him to come to the meeting tonight.  I said we could give him a ride, and gave him my number so he could let me know if he can make it."

As we were walking toward that shop, a sudden breeze came up and blew my skirt up.  No show, but I had to push the hem down.  Kim saw an older man looking at me, probably hoping for a show.  She looked at him and said something like "nothing to see here.  Sorry.  Better luck later."  He laughed.

We're very different people, but she's a great friend of the community, and she's very special to me.


  1. Kim sounds like a lovely person. I'd like to find a Kim ... you're lucky to have her.

  2. You look great in that top!
    Kim was very nice to me once...delightful woman, indeed!!


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