Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Still On That Path

I've mentioned the path from I care to I don't care before.  I'm looking to make a leap along that path, but I'm not there yet.

I have decided I really like ballet flats.  They look comfortable, and cute, and there are lots of variations on the basic style: bows, colours, patterns....  I found a few pair in my size in Payless and was tempted but I didn't buy any.

Here's what I want to do.

I want to buy a basic, plainish pair and wear them for my next flight.  I'm tired of unlacing sneakers, taking them off, putting them back on, lacing them back up.  Any sort of loafer would be OK, but my only "nice" loafers are heavier and I don't want to carry them on my trip.  And even though they're Aerosoles,  they're still a bit uncomfortable for a long flight.

But the ballet flats are clearly women's shoes, no matter how plain or basic black they are.  Plus, I need to take valuable luggage space for my sneakers which are large and bulky.  I could carry the sneakers on and change on the flight and just wear the flats through security, but I don't want to carry them.  And what if my luggage is somehow lost or misdirected?  Here I am with only ballet flats, either to wear home or to my customer.

So there are lots of reasons not to do it, even though I'd like to wear them.  I think one day I will, even though the reasons will still exist.  I think the real reason is, I still care what others think.  I'm still afraid I'll run into someone I know at the airport.

But here's what I'd like to do: in Tucson, as Meg, go to a shoe store.  Buy plainish black ballet flats.  Wear them home.

I don't think I'll do it, but I'll let you know in a few days.

On my way in yesterday, I did stop at a Payless in Tucson.  They had patent flats for $17 and a clothier material flats with a sort of flower at the front (I really can't describe it so I have pictures of both here instead.  Click to enlarge) for $10, both in my size.  I didn't buy either but I may go back on Saturday.

One more thing: I received a comment from an anonymous reader about someone named SrilaE-mail me and tell me more.  If it's relevant, I'll post.


  1. Meg - There is a wonderful blog by Kim called Traveling Transgendered.

    PS I added ballet flats to Dianes shopping out- fits this summer

  2. Do it, if they lose your luggage you can stop at a shop and buy what you need, just as you would anyway if your luggage was lost.

    I have tried a couple of pair of Ballet flats, and have found that they come up a little small, so I need a larger size and there isn;t ussualy a larger size.

  3. I adore ballet flats ... but I'd never wear them in male mode. I haven't reached that "I don't care" point yet, and likely never will.

    I DO keep my fingernails long-ish, wear a tinted moisturizer, and keep my legs hairless (and my arms well trimmed). I'm 58 years old, old enough to wear whatever the heck I want, ballet flats in male mode? Oy.

    I do like your metaphor of being on the path to "I don't care. Recently, I have progressed leaps and bounds along that road; I've talked about it some over at my place.

  4. You're not alone... Look here;



  5. That's the great thing about the internet: no-one's ever alone anymore. After growing up thinking you're the weirdest person in the world, it's great to see that this generation will never have to suffer through that!


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