Friday, October 7, 2011

That Clothing Swap II

Meg, Ready to Roll
It was way too hot for Meg.  But I went to the swap for three reasons:

1. I promised I'd bring soft drinks
2. I had a big bag of swappables filling up my closet
3. It was a Meg day out

Item 3 is trump, of course.

After much sweating, I decided on a new long black-and-white skirt, bare legs, and the purple top and wedges I wore in Arizona.

My family was home at the time I wanted to start, but this was the last day of the 4-H fair.  Originally, they were going to the beach that day, but she postponed it for the fair.

Normally, I resign myself to changed plans, but this time I told her that she needed to take my son to the fair early and stay the whole day.  It was my son's birthday and we'd go out to dinner later.  To my amazement, my wife agreed to this.  She tried a couple of times to change plans ("it turns out we don't really have to be there at all!"), but I pushed back.  She promised she'd get out early, but she never does.  This time she did, and I made a point of thanking her both for that and for giving me the day.  I spent a lot of accumulated husband points that day.

In spite of that, I got out of the house at the latest time I wanted to, to get to the swap on time.  Sometimes, it just takes me a bit of time to get started.  I don't know why; it just does.

Before I started, I put my car in the garage so I could "sneak" out.  I pulled out my purse and clothes and makeup and jewelry and wig and, of course, my detailed list of everything I needed to bring/do/wear.

I put an ice chest in the car for ice.  Kim (the lovely lady who runs the swap) said she'd supply ice but I knew she'd need  some to get started.

So... that detailed list.  I originally planned a leisurely shower, shave everything, get ready starting at 7:30 and finishing at noon.  Yes, that's a long time but I had done no pre-shaving and I wanted to maybe change my mind about clothes.  Besides, I always expect to take more time than I do.

Instead of 7:30, I got started at 9:30.  I was done shaving and showering at about 10:10.

By 10:30, I had my contacts in and my makeup ready.  I moisturised and put on my foundation and eye primer.  Twenty minutes later, I had my eyes done and fifteen minutes after that I had my lips and powder done.

I chose jewelry and put on my undies and pads.  I had hoped to try on some tops and skirts but I went with my first choices.  I put on my wig, loaded my purse and it was only 11:30.  I wanted to leave absolutely no later than noon.  That meant I had time to take a couple of pictures before I left, like the one here.

And a note:
No post tomorrow.
Izzie, Mikey, Irving, Sam
We're the boys who eat no ham

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  1. Meg:

    I hope you have an easy fast and a blessed, spiritual Yom Kippur.



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