Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Monday night, after work, I was very tired.  I had to get up before 4 to catch my plane and the flight and work made for an overlong day.

I had a long list of things to do (as usual) but only got to a couple (as usual).

I cleaned my contacts.  I try to do that several times before going out, since I rarely wear them and don't want bacteria to build up on them and cause problems when Meg goes out.  A recent optometrist said that's no longer a problem but....

While in Tucson, I looked at Spanx  I had heard great things about them for figure taming, but there were so many varieties that I wasn't sure what to get/what I need.  And the price tag sort of scared me off.  I saw a panty with a butt pad built in.  I often thought of looking for hip and butt pads, to give me some sort of figure but never bought anything.  I looked at the price: $68!

I kept looking and saw a panty with removable butt pads.  $16.  I picked one up, size medium.

Monday night, I tried on the clothes I brought with me.  I tried on my two dresses with my new panty.  One that I hope to wear is very stretchy, very sexy, and somewhat clingy.  It shows a bit of a bulge, but I wanted to see if I could minimise that.  The new panty is very tight and... the little bits I don't want to show almost don't show!  I put on my bra and cinch and dress and....

It looked awful.  I have bumps and angles and other bulges on my waist.  It looked better without the butt panty.  My other dress looked pretty good either way.

I tried on the skirts I brought.  Believe it or not, for one day out I brought one top, two dresses, three skirts, two pairs of shoes.  In one way, it's dumb because I have to carry all of that, but in another way it's good because I get to play with some in-house dressup.  OK, it's dumb.

I have a purple scoop neck top.  I brought a brown-and-white skirt.  I'm not sure they work together, but that may be what I wear.  Remember I tried on all those skirts last week?  I also said I have a list of skirts and such I had previously tried on.  I picked a black skirt that I had listed as "very good" previously.  I tried it on.

It barely zipped up.

I also have the long black and white skirt I wore to the swap a few weeks ago.  I think I'd rather wear a shorter skirt.

So Tuesday, I decided maybe a bit of "waist training" would help me with that black skirt.  To work, I'm wearing a (male, alas) polo and women's jeans.  Under, I have a very lacy camisole.  The straps show a tiny bit but I'm not that worried.  I'm also wearing my cinch, something I've often considered doing at work normally but didn't because (a) I didn't want my wife to notice and (b) it makes going to the restroom difficult.  I also tightened my belt a couple of notches further than usual.  I know that literally "tightening your belt" will help trip your waist, but it takes time.  I don't have a lot of time, but I want to try and maybe wear that black skirt.  If not, I'll plan another trip to the mall (Thursday maybe) and buy another skirt.


  1. Meg - Don't worry so much over small things
    . You will present as a woman Great!

  2. As far as skirt sizes go... I alway thought those airline peanuts were fatting but.. WOW! :)

  3. ...and remember to have FUN! It's not dumb to carry all the extra clothes - I do this all the time ;-) You never know how things will look AND how You feel about them until everything is on and you're standing in front of that mirror :-) So wear that black skirt. Or get out and buy another!

    -Joanie in Denver


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