Monday, September 12, 2011

On A Jet Plane

While you're reading this, I'm probably on a plane heading towards Phoenix, or on a second plane heading towards Tucson, or in a rental car driving to Sierra Vista.

As I mentioned a few days ago, my plan was to go out next month, after my toe has healed.  I was going to arrange to go out on Saturday and stay in Tucson that night.  There is a pretty active trans group in Tucson, and I was hoping to meet up with some of the ladies.  With luck, I'd get to see Liz again as well.

But the project is in crisis mode right now, or at least one part of it is.  We have a deadline that's an actual deadline: if we miss it, the project will be a corpse, and my career won't seem very healthy either.  So I'm on my way to help out.

No time in Tucson, except to pick up a car and get to Sierra Vista as fast as I can.  No evenings free, which is OK.  If I had free time, I can't even wear the kind of shoes I'd like to.  And no pedicure: I can't get the toe wet for another week.

I didn't even bring anything Meg, really.  No pads, no wigs, no bras, no skirts, no dresses, no hose.  I do have a couple of polos from the women's department with me, as well as my jeans.  And sneakers.  And socks and panties.  I'm just not overtly female, I guess.  Oh, and nightgowns.  No pj's this trip!

Actually, that was my plan.  But I noticed a bit of extra room in my bag so I packed a couple of lightweight skirts, one long, one short.  Just for wearing in my room.

It's really more practical to travel with girl clothes: panties, nightgowns, and (to an extent) women's socks are lighter and thinner than male equivalents, so it takes less room to pack and less effort to carry.  Try THAT logic on your wife, the next time you go on a trip together!

I do have my epilator with me.  I've been using it on-and-off and I'm still not sure if the hair eventually stops growing, or thins out, with repeated use.

And I may go shopping, just as a consolation prize.

I do gain comfort from the fact that I'll probably be going out in November or December.  If we make our deadline.  The pressure's on!


  1. We'll all hope you'll find an easy glich in the program solve the problems, and get a little bonus time with meg!!

  2. --I would wish you luck on the deadline, Meg, but I don't think you need it. You're one of the most productive people I know. I'll drink a cup of coffee in your honor, though.


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