Friday, September 23, 2011

Arizona Shopportunities

There are not a lot in Sierra Vista.

When I looked for "department store" via google maps, I found Dillards, Sears, and Big Lots.  Honest.  After that were things like Fire Department, Police Department, Department of Public Works....

There are the basic big box stores: Target, Walmart, KMart.  I did find a Marshalls and a Ross Dress for Less.  Between the latter two shops there seemed to be another clothing store.  I'll wander over there during my next visit.

I also saw two thrift shops and a Goodwill.  The Goodwill is right next to my office, so I doubt I'll be going in during normal working hours.  I did go to the thrift shops during my first trip, back in June, but I didn't see anything exciting.  I should go back, but I didn't have time last trip.

I'm not sure when I'm heading back.  I think it will be in November, but I may go back next month.  If I do, I'm going to push for October 18th, when I might be able to attend Pride in the Desert.  I just saw this a couple of days ago, and it looks interesting!

Following up on yesterday's post:  My friend P wrote back:


Someday, when my brain is totally addled, I'll send him a friend request.

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